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Warning: Do not be scared, however be ready for some trick and treat fun, it is after all the Halloween season. I like new emerging technologies and trends along with Zomboe technologies, you know, those technologies that have been declared dead yet are still being enhanced, sold and used. Zombie technologies as a name may be new for some, while others will have a realization of experiencing something from the past, technologies being declared deceased yet still alive and being used. Zombie technologies are those that have been declared dead, yet still alive enabling productivity for customers that use them and often profits for the vendors who sell them. Some people consider a technology or trend dead once it hits the peak of hype as that can signal a time to jump to the next bandwagon or shiny new technology (or toy). Others will see a technology as being dead wh... (more)

An iPad Hack That Saves $39

I got it yesterday at 5PM. The Apple store at the nearby mall was crowded, but at the end of day there were more people in blue shorts (I was told that there were a 100 of them) than customers. The salesman immediately showed me a shelf with nice looking iPad jackets-turn-into-ipad-stand for only $39. Needless to say that many people left broke after shelling out five or six hundred bucks for something they unconditionally loved for a least two months without knowing what for. I didn't buy that $39-thingy. My son David immediately found a decent replacement for it. If you're broke but have 2 min to watch (if you don't have money, you'd better have some time), here's a short instructional video. ... (more)

Apple Blocks Google Ads

Apple has picked another fight and the Financial Times says it will draw fire from the antitrust police for barring third-party ad networks that aren't independent or are affiliated with competitive mobile widgetry - like, oh, say, Microsoft and Google's recently acquired AdMob - from using analytical data from ads on its iPhones and iPads. Only companies whose "primary business is serving mobile ads" qualify. That pretty much shuts AdMob out. Google squeals that the new license policy, which favors Apple's own iAds program, shortchanges developers. Google outbid Apple for AdMob and Apple had to settle for Quattro Wireless, which then encouraged the antitrust police to let Google's acquisition of AdMob go through. Evidently this isn't business. This is personal. ... (more)

Apple Spends Only 1/7 on R&D Compared to Google, Microsoft

  [Update September, 2012 - R&D spend data from Dan Lyons's post (figures are R&D spend as a % of revenue Google - 14%, Microsoft - 14%, Samsung - 6%, Apple - 2%]   This is true not only in absolute dollar term but also true as a percentage of revenue. In fact, Microsoft spends more on R&D among all the IT and software companies – in both absolute dollar terms as well as percentage of revenue. Have a look at the data below. I have picked it up from a post in Infoworld by Ted Samson. Revenue in billion US$ R&D Budget in billion US$ R&D Budget  as % of Revenue Microsoft 62.5 8.7 13.92% Oracle 35.6 4.5 12.64% Google 29.3 3.7 12.63% IBM 99.9 6.0 6.01% Apple 65.2 1.8 2.76% HP 126.0 3.0 2.38% It was a surprise to see Oracle so high up in the list but I guess it may be a legacy from Sun. However, what is more surprising is to see Apple and HP spending so... (more)

What Should Be Baked into the New Apple iPad and Why

Macintosh on Ulitzer Apple users are nothing if not dedicated. The landmark form factor and user interface innovations the company has ushered in over the last 25 years have created a fiercely dedicated customer base. There are Mac clubs, iPhone fan sites, and even online photo collections of Apple logo tattoos! All eyes will be on San Fran January 27 for Apple’s virtually-confirmed and much-anticipated launch of their new tablet computer. A tablet is a touch screen minicomputer with a digital keyboard integrated into the touch interface (no mechanical keys). Imagine a larger, thinner iPhone. The Apple tablet will likely rely on rich media and apps delivered over the web from some sort of Apple hub. Ever notice how half the yuppie homes you visit these days have a web-connected “kitchen laptop” set up? Now you see the market for the tablet. Google has nailed the ... (more)

iPad on Ulitzer - I’ll Buy iPad. But What For?

iPad on Ulitzer I’m proud to consider myself an upper middle class American . Why am I so proud about it? Because I haven’t been born in an upper middle class American family. I came to the USA 18 years ago with $200 in my pocket on a visitor’s visa. Don’t rush reporting on me to the Immigration authorities. I was legal in this country each and every day since. Then came the work visa (H1B), after that the green card, and back in 2001, I became an American citizen. Our family consists of me (silver 15” MacBook Pro), two sons (black 13” MacBook and a silver 13” MacBook) and my wife (post World War II Windows PC own by her employer, a filthy rich international bank). I also have an iPhone. To complete the picture, I need to mention, that occasionally I’m getting separated with my MacBook Pro. For example, last week I’ve been skiing in French Alps and didn’t get it wi... (more)

Google Sets Up Google Apps Store

Google Session at Cloud Expo Apple is beginning to know how Xerox PARC felt. Like Apple did to PARC, Google has lifted from Apple again this time on behalf of Google Apps and set up a Google Apps Marketplace where third parties can sell business programs that integrate with Google Apps to the two million companies and 25 million users that have reportedly adopted Google Apps in the last three years. The marketplace, which will irritate Microsoft, launched Tuesday with some 50 programs from companies like Intuit and Atlassian and more reportedly coming from companies like NetSuite and SuccessFactors. Skytap is kicking in its cloud. Google appears to want a $100 listing fee and 20% of the take “in return for the streamlined purchase and install process and integration features exclusive to installable apps.” It will be setting up a billing service that manages the sh... (more)

Gizmodo Barred from Apple Fest

Gizmodo, the blog that screwed with the grand unveiling of Apple's fourth-generation iPhone by buying a rogue prototype and writing about it, was noticeably absent from Apple's developer conference this week, evidently banned and reduced to linking to other people's reports and feeds from volunteers. Editorial director Brian Lam told the Wall Street Journal that "People ask it was still worth it to run the iPhone story despite it costing us access. My opinion is that commodity news is not anything to get worried about losing touch with." A court-appointed special master is currently searching its blogger's computers for evidence of a crime. ... (more)

Mobile Expert Interview Series: Sybase's Bryan Whitmarsh

This morning I was able to catch up with SAP Mentor Bryan Whitmarsh for an interview.  I conducted a video interview with Bryan last year at Sapphire which you can watch here.  Bryan works for Sybase's product management team and reports to Tony Kueh, who I interviewed last week.  Bryan lives in Boise, Idaho (also my fair city), which he has called home since 1992, when he moved here from the Seattle area. Note: These are not Bryan's exact words, rather my notes from our interview. Kevin:  What is your role and area of responsibility at Sybase? Bryan: My title is Mobility Product Management.  Last year I was focused on mobile email, but this year I am working with the platform team on SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform).  It is my job to interpret the market, meet with customers, communicate the road map, both internally and externally, define product requirements and help ma... (more)

Candelis Releases Next-Generation Technology

Candelis on Tuesday announced the release of its next generation technology -- code-named 'Badlands' -- a WAN optimized solution which also enables its entire customer base to leverage the capabilities available in its ASTRA™ cloud services platform through a simple software upgrade. Candelis' ImageGrid appliances have been implemented at over 1,100 medical facilities. Badlands enables Candelis' customers to leverage ASTRA's highly automated and customizable electronic report distribution service. Secure study transfer can occur between sites possessing Candelis appliances and between sites that don't; Candelis' ASTRA Plus provides a software-only DICOM-compliant transfer point (both send and receive). Furthermore, Badlands provides Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) services with the ability to use cloud-hosted archiving. ILM services also provide for automatic... (more)

Microsoft – Where Will It Be in Ten Years?

Can you think of a product category where one organization, in an open market, has maintained complete global dominance with 90%+ market share for close to 30 years? The only one that comes to my mind is “Operating System for PC”. Can you think of another? The other one which comes close is the “Office Suite”. So, even if you are a Microsoft hater, even if we assume that Microsoft has used all sorts of unfair means to achieve this dominance, you still need to acknowledge that they have achieved something which nobody else in the history has done. However, of late, Microsoft has been in the news for a different reason. Apple, in the second quarter 2010, surpassed Microsoft as the highest market cap among the tech companies. Now, even IBM has overtaken Microsoft in market capitalization. Coupled with the fact that Microsoft is currently an also ran in the smart phone... (more)