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Apple may have to wait until December 6 to see if it gets any gratification from the jury decision last week that Samsung copied its technology in its phones, which it wants enjoined. The delay is supposed to have something to do with the flood of post-trial filings the judge is expecting from both sides, but it certainly takes the teeth out of the victory as the product grow increasingly dated. "Having considered the scope of Apple's preliminary injunction request, the additional post-trial motions that the parties have already filed and will file, and the substantial overlap between the analysis required for Apple's preliminary injunction motion and the parties' various other post-trial motions, the court believes consolidation of the briefing and hearing on the post-trial motions is appropriate," the judge said. She's also limiting the length of filings. Otherwi... (more)

Apple's iPad & Business Will Make a Knock-out Combination

iPad on Ulitzer On Monday I wrote an article that put my initial thoughts and findings together on the newly announced iPad's. It included my belief that the current mass of iPhone Developers are excited & poised to adopt iPad, not only with their current applications on the App Store, but creating new applications to take advantage of the iPad... A New app 'gold rush' gathering momentum! Today I have just read a great article from Jason Schwarz on Seeking Alpha, which continues my thread and suggests that currently the iPad is being underestimated for business. To quote Jason... "Anyone who previously relied on a notepad or clipboard will adopt the iPad. Doctors will use the iPad as they move from room to room and interact with patients, teachers will use the iPad as they lecture, coaches will use it as an in game video/scouting tool...think of all the real estat... (more)

Steve Jobs Walks on Water

Cloud Expo Europe €550 Savings here! Cloud Expo West $800 Savings here! Apple hit the ball so far out of the stadium Tuesday it was still in the air when it put out its "best non-holiday" numbers ever. Revenues were up 49% to $13.5 billion. Earnings were up a giddy 87% to $3.1 billion net, or $3.33 a share, with a gross margin of 41.7%, up from 39.9%. It beat expectations of $2.45 on $12 billion. That crunching sound you heard was Apple crushing estimates. Explore Cloud Expo Sponsorship & Exhibit Opportunities ! iPhone sales were up 131% to 8.75 million in the company's second fiscal quarter, the widget's best showing ever, up 474% in Asia-Pac. It sold 2.94 million Macs, up 33% year-over-year, a record for the March quarter. Both laptops and desktops were up in the double-digits, it said. Expectations were for 2.7 million. iPods were down 1% but that's still 10.9 mil... (more)

HTC Complains to ITC about Apple

You probably know but for the record we should say that last week the notoriously patent-poor HTC complained to the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington that Apple's iPhone, iPod and iPad tread on five of its patents, one so new HTC only got the thing the day before it lodged its grievance. It has not - well, at least not yet - filed suit in the federal courts like Apple has but it wants the ITC, where Apple also has a similar complaint, to block Apple from importing its precious gadgets, all made in China, into the U.S. and to forbid it to sell the stuff. Three of the patents cited HTC acquired and relate to telephone directories in mobile phones/PDAs. The two others are its own IP and cover power management in portable devices. HTC says it uses the widgetry in phones like Google's own Nexus One. Whether any or all of them will make a difference in th... (more)

Foursquare “Lifts” Mobile Advertising Legitimacy

The Mobile Proof Presence (MPOP) checkin game is white-hot and set to explode. In a relatively short amount of time, most people (with an iPhone, at least)  know what a “checkin” is and the most popular checkin platform (Foursquare) is adding 15,000 people per day! Foursquare is chasing 2 Million users, each opting-in to broadcast the details of their location-based interactions with real businesses in the context of their larger trusted social networks. This is no longer a fad. This is real and could finally be the legitimizing “lift” mobile advertising has long been looking for. Thanks to checkins, realtime social network updates are no longer just static, general “What you are doing?” posts. They now convey “What are you doing, where are you, and who are you there with.” While this has certainly been a fast-moving location-based social media phenomenon, the real... (more)

Mobile Expert Interview Series: Sybase's Bryan Whitmarsh

This morning I was able to catch up with SAP Mentor Bryan Whitmarsh for an interview.  I conducted a video interview with Bryan last year at Sapphire which you can watch here.  Bryan works for Sybase's product management team and reports to Tony Kueh, who I interviewed last week.  Bryan lives in Boise, Idaho (also my fair city), which he has called home since 1992, when he moved here from the Seattle area. Note: These are not Bryan's exact words, rather my notes from our interview. Kevin:  What is your role and area of responsibility at Sybase? Bryan: My title is Mobility Product Management.  Last year I was focused on mobile email, but this year I am working with the platform team on SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform).  It is my job to interpret the market, meet with customers, communicate the road map, both internally and externally, define product requirements and help ma... (more)

Interesting links for the week (weekly)

MySmartPrice: Mobile Phone Price in India A useful price comparison portal, currently limited to mobiles, books & cameras tags: mobile india shopping pricing comparison Bollywood Remakes Quite a long list of Bollywood movies & their “inspiration”. Not every movie listed is such a big ripoff though tags: bollywood remakes inspiration movies hollywood What’s a Degree Worth? Report Has Answers, by Major – Students – The Chronicle of Higher Education “Over their careers, full-time, full-year workers whose highest degree is a bachelor’s make 74 percent more, on average, than those whose highest attainment is a high-school diploma, the authors found. When those with more than a bachelor’s degree are included, the premium for higher education rises to 84 percent.” tags: education economics Warren Buffett on castles and moats – (37signals) Revisiting the competitive advan... (more)

Apple Has "Frenzied" Blowout Quarter

Apple delivered in spades Tuesday when it reported its third fiscal quarter ended June 25. It came in with revenues up 82% to $28.57 billion when all the smart money on Wall Street was expected $25 billion. And it earned $7.31 billion or $7.79 a share, up 124%, when only $5.85 was expected. And it delivered a 41.7% gross margin. It was, as they say, a personal best. Its stock after-hours ran up 25 point as though it was Google and tickled $400 for a while there, an all-time high. Apple said it sold 9.25 million iPads, up 183%, moving every widget it could make. Apple's acting CEO Tim Cook described iPad 2 sales as "frenzied." He said 88% of the Fortune 500 was testing the iPad and claimed that decisions are being made faster than other products in his experience. iPad sales to K-12 passed Mac sales in the quarter, which surprised Apple. It's moving from enterprise p... (more)

Adobe Blinks; Builds Product on HTML5

Adobe is in the process - as it put it - of recognizing HTML5, the modern answer to Adobe's sacred, Apple-loathed Flash plug-in, as something serious. It's started to preview a free new design web motion and interaction design tool called Edge for editing animations and interactive web page elements based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Adobe's looking for feedback. The thing is focused on adding rich motion design to new or existing HTML projects and integrates with Adobe's web design software Dreamweaver. It's reportedly not as good as Flash yet, but Adobe means to improve it. It goes on sale next year. ... (more)

Steve Jobs the Greatest CEO – the Greatest Marketer… OR … the Genius?

Nobody else in the history of business has achieved what Steve Jobs has achieved as a CEO. He has taken Apple from its death bed (in 1997 it was dying) and made it the most valuable company on earth. Interesting story: What Happened After Apple Fired Steve Jobs and How we were able to turn it around Robert X. Cringely says “Lots of CEOs make products. Many make millions. Very few make history.” So, does that make him the greatest CEO? Maybe … maybe not – but will posterity remember him as a CEO? Nobody else in history could launch a product the way Steve Jobs could do. Each of his product launches has become folklore. Remember when he pulled out the MacBook Air from an envelope? There is no doubt that he has redefined innovation. Nobody else in the history has designed five groundbreaking products. Good summary of what he has achieved: Master Inventor, Master Marke... (more)

SSDs, Velocity and the Rate of Change

The rate of change in a mathematical equation can vary immensely based upon the equation and the inputs to the equation. Certainly the rate of change for f(x) = x^2 is a far different picture than the rate of change for f(x)=2x, for example. The old adage “the only constant is change” is absolutely true in high tech. The definition of “high” in tech changes every time something becomes mainstream. You’re working with tools and systems that even ten years ago were hardly imaginable. You’re carrying a phone that Alexander Graham Bell would not recognize – or know how to use. You have tablets with the power that was not so long ago only held by mainframes. But that change did not occur overnight. Apologies to iPhone fans, but all the bits Apple put together to produce the iPhone had existed before, Apple merely had the foresight to see how they could be put together in... (more)