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iPad on Ulitzer On Monday I wrote an article that put my initial thoughts and findings together on the newly announced iPad's. It included my belief that the current mass of iPhone Developers are excited & poised to adopt iPad, not only with their current applications on the App Store, but creating new applications to take advantage of the iPad... A New app 'gold rush' gathering momentum! Today I have just read a great article from Jason Schwarz on Seeking Alpha, which continues my thread and suggests that currently the iPad is being underestimated for business. To quote Jason... "Anyone who previously relied on a notepad or clipboard will adopt the iPad. Doctors will use the iPad as they move from room to room and interact with patients, teachers will use the iPad as they lecture, coaches will use it as an in game video/scouting tool...think of all the real estat... (more)

An iPad Hack That Saves $39

I got it yesterday at 5PM. The Apple store at the nearby mall was crowded, but at the end of day there were more people in blue shorts (I was told that there were a 100 of them) than customers. The salesman immediately showed me a shelf with nice looking iPad jackets-turn-into-ipad-stand for only $39. Needless to say that many people left broke after shelling out five or six hundred bucks for something they unconditionally loved for a least two months without knowing what for. I didn't buy that $39-thingy. My son David immediately found a decent replacement for it. If you're broke but have 2 min to watch (if you don't have money, you'd better have some time), here's a short instructional video. ... (more)

Foxconn Hiring Freeze Sends Apple into a Tizzy

Word that contract manufacturer Foxconn had stopped hiring across its Chinese plants sent Apple stock into a tizzy this week on an assumption by the Financial Times that the bottom had dropped out of demand for iPhones, Apple's bestselling and most profitable product. Foxconn claimed the hiring freeze had nothing to do with iPhone 5 production, which Apple has already said should be less this quarter than last, but happened because more workers came back to work after the Lunar New Year than usual or expected. UBS analysts Steve Milunovich thought maybe it had to do with cutbacks in orders from HP, which represents about 8%-10% of Foxconn sales, ya know, desktop PCs, printers and some servers. During his last earnings call Apple CEO Tim Cook warned about conflating a single data point or two from the supply chain and Foxconn denied the hiring freeze was related to... (more)

My Thoughts on the Apple iPad

iPhone Apps on Ulitzer iPhone Apps on Ulitzer - The Apple iTablet or iSlate is due to be shown off to the world January 27th, and unleashed on us sometime in March. The blogosphere has been buzzing about the topic. Joe Wilcox of said “The world doesn’t need an Apple Tablet, or any other” (full post here). MG of TechCrunch followed up with “The World Doesn’t Need Someone Telling Us What We Don’t Need In Tech” (full post here).  I think both writers make some good points, but I wanted to give my thoughts, and ask the readers of CTOvision theirs. The Apple Tablet is rumored to cost $1000. So the first word that comes to my mind is “overpriced.”  When you can purchase a decent netbook for under $300, a solid ultra-portable 12-14″ (laptop) for $500, and a good business laptop for under $700…why would you ever pay $1000 for a simple tablet?  Quite frankly, I... (more)

iPad - What It Means For Developers

iPad on Ulitzer Today was a historic day in computing history. While the techno-geeks will argue for the next several months what this really means and what the Apple iPad is missing or why it’s only a large screen iPod Touch, I’m going to be focused on what I think this really means to some key industries and how Appcelerator can help. From my perspective, web developers are talking up and overwhelmingly are planning new application experiences for the new iPad. We surveyed just a small sample of our community of developers and found that over 90% of them plan on building an iPad application in the next 12 months. But what’s probably more interesting, and certainly makes sense seeing the iPad today, is that this new device offers new innovations that could be much different (and quite possibly, better) than the existing iPhone/iPod. We are seeing huge opportunitie... (more)

Would-Be Novell Patent Buyers Refile with Regulators

The CPTN quartet - Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and EMC - may have made some progress persuading American trustbusters to let them buy that flock of Novell patents - that Red Hat and the open source contingent don't want them to get - because CPTN refiled Wednesday with the Bundeskartellamt seeking the German authority's go-ahead with its $450 million patent purchase and, as we discovered earlier, one approval kinda depends on the other. But last we heard the Justice Department had until April 12 to make up its mind whether to sanction the sale or not. However, Novell's stock price has also brightened up suggesting that Wall Street suddenly has more confidence that Novell will be able to go ahead and sell itself to Attachmate for $6.10 a share. It closed Friday at $5.94 after seeing $5.78 just the other day. Patent watcher Florian Mueller first noticed the re-registratio... (more)

Apple Chases Samsung Tab Out of Oz for the Moment: Bloomberg

Samsung has agreed to pull its Android-based Galaxy Tab 10.1 off the Australian market and cease advertising the thing pending a decision from the Australian Federal Court hearing Apple's "look and feel" patent infringement complaint. Apple wants an injunction. Bloomberg says the lawyers struck the deal during a break in a hearing. A confident Apple reportedly agreed to indemnify Samsung and pay unspecified damages stemming apparently from Samsung's voluntary market withdrawal should Apple lose the case. The complaint Apple is pursuing charging Samsung with "slavish" copying of its widgets is based on the US version of the Galaxy Tab. From its action, one might jump to the conclusion that Samsung can't defend the indefensible and that it could lose in the other venues where Apple has brought suit. Apple, for instance, is seeking a preliminary injunction in one of ... (more)

Weighing in on WayIn

Co-founder and former CEO of Sun Microsystems Scott McNealy is in business again. This time however, instead of creating computer systems, he has ventured into the social media world. His latest venture, manifested currently at and launched mainly on Twitter, combines user created content and distributes it to other users. Those users then get to weigh in on the content. Here is how the WayIn website describes this concept: “Wayin gives everyone a voice by allowing you to add your own questions to any photo before sharing with friends and followers. All at the flick of a finger!  YOU set the answer options, so it’s easier than ever to see which choice is winning. Just point, click, shoot and ask for unlimited opinions on everything from the cute stranger on your right to the concert you saw last night.  Follow your pals and lend your advice, help your favo... (more)

Opinion: A Critique of the “New iPad”

Let’s get started, I’m not in love w/ the new naming system for the iPad. “New” should never be in any products name, let alone a real piece of technology (will the next one be New New? or New and Improved iPad?). Ridiculous. That said, Apple has certainly upped their internal standards (as the iPad 2 was showing its age and limitations in a few aspects). Apple’s Upgrades The first huge upgrade is the screen. While I still disagree with the 4:3 aspect ratio, Apple has quadrupled the pixels to a ridiculous 2048×1536. At 1536p it certainly is beyond 720p or 1080p (hd resolutions) but will this be a positive in the long run? The second upgrade is the CPU/GPU pairing. Apple has implemented a dual-core CPU with a quad-core GPU, claiming better speed and performance than the current king on the block – NVIDIA‘s Tegra 3 architecture. I do not buy these blanket statements ... (more)

Apple Reportedly Conciliatory (Don’t Bet on It)

Its lawyers having wracked up mixed results seeking injunctions, Apple is supposedly ready to go back on its late chief Steve Jobs' blood oath to wage "thermonuclear war" on Android for copying Apple's widgetry and settle some of the legion of infringement suits it has filed against Android pushers. Quoting "people familiar with the matter," the Wall Street Journal says Apple has made overtures to Samsung and Motorola Mobility, offering to license at least some of the patents they need to compete for the price of a royalty. The paper suggests there are "other terms" without saying what they may be. Couching what it's been hearing, the Journal said, no one "could confirm if settlement talks are currently taking place, but say this is part of an ongoing process." Apple had discussion with Samsung, one of its major suppliers, before it sued the Korean company, now an An... (more)

Apple Guilty of Colluding on E-Book Pricing, Judge Says

A US federal judge Wednesday found Apple guilty of colluding with five publishers and artificially driving up the price of e-books before it entered the market with the debut of the iPad in 2010. Apple is bound to appeal after the court fixes on a penalty next week. The Justice Department claimed Apple let the publisher set higher prices on bestsellers and new releases as a way to offset Amazon's low $9.99 price point on the same books. As a result the DOJ said e-book prices in general rose to $12.99-$14.99. The publishers settled with the government ahead of trial but a resolute Apple, apparently acting on principle, refused to settle and denied any price-fixing. It did settle with the European Commission last year without admitting any wrongdoing. The judge's 160-page ruling said, "The plaintiffs have shown that the publisher defendants conspired with each other... (more)