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  AT&T recently released their Femtocell.  This device plugs into your home (or small office) network, and uses your current ISP to provide strong cell coverage.  Currently, AT&T and Sprint are the only networks with full on femtocells.  T-Mobile has their “Hotspot @ Home” which enables Wi-Fi phones to have better calling via your broadband internet, but is not an actual cell tower.  AT&T’s offering enables voice and data over the cell (great for those non-Wi-Fi phones) while Sprint’s femtocell only allows voice transmissions.  Obviously enabling full on voice and maybe data for people in their homes is a big deal.  Especially on the most often reviled and harangued network, AT&T. The ability to actually make calls from home is something a lot of iPhone users and other cell phone users would love to have.  The most common thing heard about the iPhone is “it’s grea... (more)

Ulitzer - iPad for Business?

iPad For Business In case you did not hear, Apple announced the iTouch on steroids aka iPad last week. Apple iPad via Is it a phone? No, its not an iPhone Is it a PC? Well, not in the context of the traditional PC or Mac book What is the iPad or more importantly, what is the possible business angle? First as to what is it, it might be easier to describe what it is not. As mentioned above, it is not an iPhone, granted you can get an iPad with 3G or WiFi for data access (similar to how iTouch has WiFi). Likewise, the iPad is not a PC in the context of running applications traditionally found on Windows PCs or Mac devices. What is it? As far as what is the iPad, here is a link to its specifications, some of which have resulted in confusion. For example, I have seen many comments about how the iPad does not have a camera. Well, not built in however there i... (more)

My Thoughts on the Apple iPad

iPhone Apps on Ulitzer iPhone Apps on Ulitzer - The Apple iTablet or iSlate is due to be shown off to the world January 27th, and unleashed on us sometime in March. The blogosphere has been buzzing about the topic. Joe Wilcox of said “The world doesn’t need an Apple Tablet, or any other” (full post here). MG of TechCrunch followed up with “The World Doesn’t Need Someone Telling Us What We Don’t Need In Tech” (full post here).  I think both writers make some good points, but I wanted to give my thoughts, and ask the readers of CTOvision theirs. The Apple Tablet is rumored to cost $1000. So the first word that comes to my mind is “overpriced.”  When you can purchase a decent netbook for under $300, a solid ultra-portable 12-14″ (laptop) for $500, and a good business laptop for under $700…why would you ever pay $1000 for a simple tablet?  Quite frankly, I... (more)

iPad on Ulitzer - I’ll Buy iPad. But What For?

iPad on Ulitzer I’m proud to consider myself an upper middle class American . Why am I so proud about it? Because I haven’t been born in an upper middle class American family. I came to the USA 18 years ago with $200 in my pocket on a visitor’s visa. Don’t rush reporting on me to the Immigration authorities. I was legal in this country each and every day since. Then came the work visa (H1B), after that the green card, and back in 2001, I became an American citizen. Our family consists of me (silver 15” MacBook Pro), two sons (black 13” MacBook and a silver 13” MacBook) and my wife (post World War II Windows PC own by her employer, a filthy rich international bank). I also have an iPhone. To complete the picture, I need to mention, that occasionally I’m getting separated with my MacBook Pro. For example, last week I’ve been skiing in French Alps and didn’t get it wi... (more)

iPad - What It Means For Developers

iPad on Ulitzer Today was a historic day in computing history. While the techno-geeks will argue for the next several months what this really means and what the Apple iPad is missing or why it’s only a large screen iPod Touch, I’m going to be focused on what I think this really means to some key industries and how Appcelerator can help. From my perspective, web developers are talking up and overwhelmingly are planning new application experiences for the new iPad. We surveyed just a small sample of our community of developers and found that over 90% of them plan on building an iPad application in the next 12 months. But what’s probably more interesting, and certainly makes sense seeing the iPad today, is that this new device offers new innovations that could be much different (and quite possibly, better) than the existing iPhone/iPod. We are seeing huge opportunitie... (more)

The iPad Is the Ultimate Thin Client

In my earlier post, when I railed against the iPad, it was mostly personal disappointment and letdown.  I was disappointed by the technical specs, most notably the aspect ratio, and the exclusion of USB, HDMI, and webcams.  Those items can all be added on in later iterations (which I firmly believe they will – perhaps the iPad HD?).  And when they are released, people (Nerds/Geeks – maybe even I) will pay the upcharge for them.  A lot of blogs have been posted that talk about the iPad as the optimal stepping stone (gateway?) for the technologically challenged.  They are right (but might not know why). When Matt (commenter MGD) posted that if he were to buy a computing device for his 9-year old daughter, it’d be an iPad, it got me thinking.  It would be hard to pick a better device for kids.  Parental Controls are becoming a very key discriminator for operating syst... (more)

Apple's iPad & Business Will Make a Knock-out Combination

iPad on Ulitzer On Monday I wrote an article that put my initial thoughts and findings together on the newly announced iPad's. It included my belief that the current mass of iPhone Developers are excited & poised to adopt iPad, not only with their current applications on the App Store, but creating new applications to take advantage of the iPad... A New app 'gold rush' gathering momentum! Today I have just read a great article from Jason Schwarz on Seeking Alpha, which continues my thread and suggests that currently the iPad is being underestimated for business. To quote Jason... "Anyone who previously relied on a notepad or clipboard will adopt the iPad. Doctors will use the iPad as they move from room to room and interact with patients, teachers will use the iPad as they lecture, coaches will use it as an in game video/scouting tool...think of all the real estat... (more)

Apple's Best Days Are Over - What Does It Mean for Fitness ?

David Olive's recent article titled Why Apple and Google May Have Their Best Days Behind Them is a thoughtful examination of the trends occuring in tehcnology today. There is a lot of rapid change going on. Its implications are broad and in fact relevant to the fitness industry; a traditional late comer to technology adoption. Why ? It has to do with change, adoption and open systems. Here are a few excerpts from David's article: They dominated their industries until they didn’t. General Motors, Massey-Ferguson, IBM, Sears, Roebuck – in their heyday, it was unimaginable that they could be dislodged as kings of their castles by rival firms and new technology and business methods. Apple is increasingly a smartphone company, and that sector is coming under intense attack from competitors. The maker of iPods, iPads and Mac computers now looks to iPhones for ... (more)

The Tug Between Browsers and Apps for Your Clickstream

When you need something online, is your first impulse to bring up your Web browser or go to your smartphone and run an app? The Web/app balance has shifted perhaps permanently in the app’s favor, meaning that more and more we go to an app when we need something online, and streaming video is accelerating this shift. For those of us that were old enough to remember when Netscape and AOL were different companies, I think this is a sad development. Certainly, it depends on how often you access a particular site: for daily habits, having an app makes sense, if the app encapsulates the kind of browsing experience that you normally would be doing with your PC. But apps are more than just better bookmarks (remember them?), and indeed they have taken off as true alternatives to general browsing. In this month’s issue, Wired magazine has declared that the Web is dead. They... (more)

iCloud vs. Google’s cloud

This MG Siegler TechCrunch article really clarified Apple's strategy for me. It makes much more sense here than I was getting from the coverage of Job's talk. For example, it let me see the connection between the new Lion auto-incremental-save feature (which sounds incredibly useful on its own - I currently use ForeverSave to accomplish much the same) and iCloud: your applications will save invisibly, and will save to an invisible place. Google's mental model makes more sense to me: You should understand that you are saving your stuff to somewhere, rather than just have the confidence that they will show up on whatever set of devices you're using. But my mental models for computing were formed back when computers were computers, not slates of glass that directly respond to the movement of your fingers as if the glass was skin. For those who think of laptops as iPads ... (more)

A Cloudy Subject? Here's Some Clarity

The cloud hype machine is well and truly in full swing these days; it seems every tech company out there is telling you they are in the cloud and their products are cloud-based. A lot of that is marketing spin - cloud is the buzzword that people want to be associated with at the moment. Apple's announcement of iCloud probably attracted the most attention of any of the recent cloud developments (the marketing clout of that 'i' is truly remarkable). Steve Jobs has now put Apple firmly into the cloud game and we thought it would be interesting to see how the world's three largest technology companies are approaching the cloud and what their vision is for this rapidly growing platform. Google A company that was born and has grown in the Cloud, Google envision a complete shift from the traditional workstation with installed software to a thin client model - everything is... (more)